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Reading of In Her Name: First Contact, Chapter Two, Part One

This episode starts off the second chapter of In Her Name: First Contact. I made a bit of a change that I hope won’t cause any consternation (if it does, or you have any other feedback or just want to say hi, let me know, lol!), but I decided to just try and get at least some reading done every night so I can try to get an episode posted every day or two. So, some of them, like this one, won’t be the entire chapter and won’t run as long. Maybe that’s a good thing, I don’t know! Reading a story out loud for any length of time is actually rather taxing – I’m not sure how professional narrators do it.

In any case, I hope you enjoy it and stay safe out there!

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  1. Andy Konecny

    Your voice is good for this, so I think it is just a matter of practice, and looking up at what the pro narrators do. If I recall comments from some of them, it is a matter of taking it in small chunks like this, frequent sips of water, and good editing to pull it together.
    The downside of using Anchor is that it limits us to only using those services, and blocks us from being able to use the audio player of our choice. This will make it harder to re-listen to the whole thing in one go when you are done.
    At least listening to this is a much lighter pace than my read of it in Emergency watching over my father-in-law as he was being tested and treated, but otherwise mostly asleep.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Andy – Thanks! And I hope your father-in-law’s going to be okay! Was he brought in for COVID testing?? As for the book reading, IF (hopefully) I can make my way through each book doing this, I’ll go back and compile the audio into full chapters, edit out the bloopers (I’m not being as careful reading/editing this as I would be for submission to Audible, for example), and then upload it to Audible, etc., in audiobook format. 😎

  2. Andy Konecny

    Your welcome, he is still in the hospital system(since Jan 14), and they tested everyone at this rehab place. He is now tested positive 2 weeks apart but without any symptoms.
    Jan knows more of the details. Extend my thanks to her for her friendship and support to my wife Darlene.
    So we have proof that COVID-19 can hide and be infectious for at least two weeks. who knows how long he had it before. Almost makes one think it was an attempt at something like the virus in Dan Brown’s Inferno for being that sneaky some of the times. We so need the more wide spread testing to happen.

    Audible would be a good target in the future. Am looking forward to reading the rest of your works once we get past award reading season. (Hugos and Aurora nomination reading is landing). Neat how I already had you in my queue before Darlene started watching Jan. The world is so small in some ways.

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