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Reading of In Her Name: First Contact, Chapter One

Welcome to my very first podcasting episode! As a very small part in helping folks get through the COVID-19 pandemic, and after some requests from various folks, I decided to share an audio version of my In Her Name series with you, starting with the first book of the series, First Contact (which is FREE as an ebook, by the way).

Now, keep in mind I’m NOT a professional narrator, okay? So this isn’t going to be as good as what you may get from audiobooks on Audible. But hey, it’s from the author, it’s from the heart, and it’s free during these troubled times. I hope you enjoy this one, and those yet to come!

If you use, you can grab the podcast through the embedded link, below. It’s also available through Apple’s Podcast service and Spotify (and will be available through others, as well).

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  1. Stephen Ross

    Thanks Michael been along time since I read the series.. putting me in the mood to start over again 😁 hope you and Jan are riding out the current storm safely, love from Scotland 😀

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Hey, brother – good to hear from you! We’re doing okay so far, thank God, and hope you and yours are doing the same. And if you’re going through the series again, you’re truly a glutton for punishment, lol!

  2. Nicole Thomson

    May have to look at getting this series. Oh interesting cliff hanger. Sounds like a pretty good read so far. I look forward to the next installment. Thank you from New Zealand.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      I get a lot of complaints that so many chapters are cliff-hangers, lol! And if you’re interested in the series, First Contact and Empire are both free as ebooks. 😎

  3. Kim ma

    Love the first Episode, looking forward to listening to the rest of the book 😁

  4. Betty Vaughn

    So enjoyed the podcast, glad to hear about it from Jan! Downloaded the book yesterday and cannot wait to read the rest, thanks again!

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Glad you enjoyed it, and hope you enjoy the book (and the series)! More podcasts/chapters to come…

  5. Nara

    Thank you for making this Pod cast! you are an excerlent writer. love this!
    from New Zealand

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Hi, Nara – thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. And New Zealand is WAY up high on our “to visit” list once we can travel again! 😊

  6. Lauren Laney

    Hi Mike! I’m a Jan Hicks Flosstube fan and want to let you know that I really enjoyed this! It was so suspenseful that I was able to get lots of stitching done- Please keep going! Love the writing and the narration <3

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Glad you enjoyed it, Lauren! Well, assisting you all with your stitching is what I’m here for! 😁

  7. Stephanie Hansen

    For anybody new to Mike’s writing – go out and get the whole series if you’re at all hooked by this first chapter. He’s just that awesome. I’ve read the books, oh, at least 4 times each if not more. (Full disclosure: I was a beta reader/proofreader for some of them, but I’m not including that in my re-read count!) This author reading is a fun new way to experience them too – looking forward to hearing the pronunciation of some of the names…lol. 🙂

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Steph! And for anyone else reading this, I did NOT pay her to say this, lol! 😇

  8. Lisa Barnes Clark

    Hi Mike, i’m not typically a science fiction person, but i really enjoyed that. Keep them coming. You do a very good job at narrarating. Tell Jan i said Hi!

  9. Mary Nelson

    Bravo!! Thoroughly enjoyed chapter 1, leaving me with the unfulfilled “What happens NEXT!” You did very well as narrator, enjoyed listening to your voice. Thank you for taking the time and energy to record.

  10. Jacqueline stojonic

    Hi Mike, I’m a flosstube viewer and enjoy Jans’ videos very much. I haven’t been a science fiction reader before, but I think I am now. Your voice is perfect for a reader. I can’t wait for chapter 2. Thank you and stay safe.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Jacqueline – Greetings, and welcome! Glad you enjoyed the first podcast! I hope to have the next installment up tomorrow, with a bit of luck. And remember that you can grab First Contact free as an ebook if you like. 😎

  11. Rainer Bopp

    Hi Michael,
    As I have read your books more than once, I may not listen through all the podcast. But what I can say is, that I have heard far less agreeable and nice voices reading audible books (I listened to loads of them). And as a former actor and opera singer, I can judge voices. Yours is really good for reading books. Thank you very much for this huge effort!
    Best regards from Germany,

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Rainer – Okay, back up: former actor and opera singer??? Why did I not know this before?

  12. Mark

    Any development on audiobooks for the series?
    Not that there is any issues with your reading

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Well, oddly enough, I have a couple narrators who might be interested that just popped up today. So, let me see what we can do…

  13. john white

    please please please make an audible. i will help. i want my wife to get into these books and she loves audible.

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