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What’s The Word On New Books?

You may be wondering where I am in terms of writing new books. Folks, I’m sad to say that I’m still looking for my damn muse. I’ve tried repeatedly to jump-start my writing, but the brazen wench (my muse) is off in Tahiti or something and refuses to answer her phone. Copious infusions of wine and chocolate haven’t tempted her back, so I have no recourse but to remain in a holding pattern. Believe me, I haven’t stopped writing because I wanted to, but if I try to write without my muse, it’s going to be crap. And I’m not going to inflict that on myself (as I’ve always written first and foremost for myself) or you.

Red Legion, the tenth book of the In Her Name series, is (frustratingly) almost finished, and I completed the first three chapters of the second book of Vulcan’s Fury before my muse took off. Several other projects are in various stages of completion, ranging from scribbled outlines to multiple chapters. Grrr.

So, I’m just going to babble on here about the things that interest me, some of which may interest you, and hope that my muse returns at some point. I decided that the COVID-19 pandemic was a good opportunity to do a little reinvention, both of myself and the web site here, so that’s what I’m doing.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing well, and we’ll forge on from here!

P.S. If you haven’t yet read any of my books, you can check out what people have said in their reviews on Amazon

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  1. Dwayne Key

    Quality is always worth the wait. I have no issues with the delays. Hope you get your muse back when you move to Texas.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, brother! She’s out there somewhere, probably on a sailboat in some little lagoon in Tahiti. EVENTUALLY the wench is gonna run out of margarita mix and have to come home!

  2. Mary Nelson

    I will be checking out Amazon, but I can’t let reading take over my stitching time. I usually read in the evenings and sometimes forget about bed!! This is what happens when you finally retire and don’t have a clue to what day it is because it doesn’t really matter!

  3. Andy Konecny

    i think your muse was just aiming for a short vacation, but then the shut down of travel and boarders got in the way. perhaps right now she is got her raft blowing its way home, with only Wilson as her companion. So now to see her navigation skills, and what sort of mood she’ll be in when she finds you., especially after the margaritas ran out. Perhaps the Navy will intercept her for you.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      We can always hope! And maybe the problem is that I don’t have any margarita fixings on hand… 🤔

      1. Leo

        Sorry Michael your Muse came knocking on my door in England asking for a drink of water. I locked her in my study to help edit the last two chapters of my first ever book but she’s refusing, Says she only works for you, damn it! I suppose I’d better let her out.

        1. Michael R. Hicks

          BWAHAHAHAHAHA! She’s her own mistress – I could’ve told you that!! 😂

  4. Tom

    It has been a darn long time!
    I finished your last book ages ago after first reading your work four years ago and went into a Michael R Hicks reading binge.
    I came up for air and you were gone!
    Well; there is always that other guy………

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      LOL! That other guy? Ha! 😁 Well, I’m back, trying to get back into the swing of things after numerous life changes (BEFORE the pandemic!). So, if I can get my muse to cooperate, maybe we’ll make some progress again. And in parallel, I’m trying to get the books out there as a series of podcast readings, starting with First Contact…

  5. Rusty Larimer

    I have read most of your other books. I can’t wait till “Red Legion” is completed and out to be read.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Me, too, lol! I’m gonna push to try and get this sucker done this week. No promises, but we’ll see what happens…

  6. Craig cartwright

    Have enjoyed all your books, looking forward to red legion. Are you considering adding to The Black Gate? Seemed like another great start for a series.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Craig – Yes, in some future universe where my muse actually comes home for more than a one night stand or two, I would definitely be adding at least one more book to The Black Gate. It’s another one where I have a general plot idea resolved, but haven’t been able to write consistently enough to get to it (or the dozen other projects still incubating). It’s very, very frustrating!

  7. Monica

    Gosh, I didn’t know there was another book in the works for the In Her Name series. Is it published yet. I love this series (suggest you get a new muse because this one is killing your writing, which I love)

  8. Lee

    I think your books are good enough to be made into movies😊

  9. Lee Tomlinson

    I love your books, I have read many of them several times.
    Having just completed the Harvest trillogy again, I thought maybe a story from the Harvesters, how they developed? How they arrived on Earth? They may have started with greater ideals than then ended with?
    Just a thought!
    Keep going your stories are food in times of hunger.

  10. Andy Price

    Loved all the “In Her Name” books and was following the writing of Red Legion. Unfortunately have only managed to get back into reading after almost two and a half years of rebuilding my health as a result of severe health issues caused by COVID caught March 2021. So really looking to read more of the adventures of Reza Guard.

  11. Glenn

    Just started reading the in her name series again, and now that I know there is a new one almost ready to be released, I’m looking forward to reading it. I have enjoyed the series so much that I lose track of time, once again.

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