Red Legion (In Her Name, Book 10)

When Reza Gard and his friend Eustus Camden deploy to the infamous Red Legion, they’re in as much danger from their fellow Marines as from Kreelan warriors, on top of some incredibly hostile fauna on what would otherwise be a planetary oasis.

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About the Book

RED LEGION is scheduled for release on 12 March 2024, and is now available for preorder on Amazon for the Kindle!

In Her Name: Red Legion picks up the story of Reza Gard and Eustus Camden after their graduation from Marine training at the end of chapter ten of In Her Name: Confederation, when they’re assigned to the infamous Red Legion, the dumping ground for the Confederation Marine Corps’ misfits and criminals.

But sorting out friend from foe among their new companions is the least of their worries as they’re thrown into combat against not only the warriors of the Kreelan Empire, but terrifying forces of nature that nearly cost them their lives.

As Reza fights for both honor and survival, he is confronted with the bitter consequences of being of two worlds and having to choose only one.

Series: In Her Name, Book 10
Genre: Science Fiction
eBook Price: 4.95
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