From Chaos Born (In Her Name, Book 7)

For long ages, the Kreelan race has been ruled by war. Only the priests and priestesses of the ancient martial orders have prevented the utter destruction of their kind. But a newly arisen ruler, the Dark Queen, seeks to destroy the ages-old equilibrium. All that stands before her is a child of prophecy, a child destined to unite their race. A child the Dark Queen must kill at any cost...

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About the Book

For millennia before the bloody first encounter with humanity as told in In Her Name: First Contact, the Kreelan race has been ruled by war. Countless civilizations have risen and fallen back into savagery, with total annihilation averted only by the warrior priests and priestesses of the ancient martial orders.

Near the end of the Fourth Age, a powerful warrior from a brooding fortress deep in the Great Wastelands began her bloody rise to power. Syr-Nagath, known as the Dark Queen, began a brutal war of conquest across the face of the Homeworld, secretly planning to destroy the ancient orders and resurrect the dark ways of her race’s apocalyptic past.

What the Dark Queen did not anticipate was the birth of Keel-Tath, a child unlike any other, a child foretold in an ancient prophecy, and who was destined to unite her race.

A child the Dark Queen must kill, no matter the cost…

Series: In Her Name, Book 7
Genre: Science Fiction
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