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In Her Name: Red Legion – Coming 12 March 2024!

I’m so sorry everyone’s had to wait so long — my muse took a VERY extended vacation! — but at long last, RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10) is in the publishing pipeline and is ready for preorder from all the major retailers in ebook format!

Unlike the other books of the series, which follow one another chronologically within each trilogy, RED LEGION picks up the story of Reza Gard and Eustus Camden after the end of chapter 10 of CONFEDERATION, when they’re deployed to the infamous Red Legion, the Confederation Marine Corps’ dumping ground for criminals and misfits.

To get the most out of this book, I strongly recommend you at least re-read CONFEDERATION, although if it’s been a while, you might want to just start with EMPIRE, then continue through the end of chapter 10 in CONFEDERATION, then start RED LEGION. Again, don’t blame me for how the story fits: it’s my muse’s fault! 😁

If you’d like to preorder, which I’d encourage you to do, I’ve added the retailer links to RED LEGION’s book page. There are a couple that aren’t in there yet, notably for Google Play, but those will be up soon. Note that I have the Amazon US link listed, but if you shop at another national Amazon store and the book doesn’t pop up in search, as the search indexes haven’t been fully updated yet, search using the ASIN code B0CTKPMR21 and it should pop up.

Also, especially since it’s been so long since I’ve put anything out (and believe me, no one is more disappointed in that than me!), I’d really super appreciate it if you’d spread the word to friends and on social platforms so others who might like this book get a heads-up!

Finally, I also plan to release a print version soon (Amazon’s publishing platform now has what looks like a pretty straightforward way to do this), and am starting to work on getting all the books in audiobook format. I’ll post more on that later.

In the meantime, thanks so much for your support and I hope you enjoy RED LEGION when it’s released on 12 March!


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