How About a Teaser for RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10)?

How About a Teaser for RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10)?

RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10)Since you’ve been so patient and it looks like I might actually finish RED LEGION before the sun explodes (although prayers and exhortations are still welcomed and appreciated!), I wanted to reward those of you who haven’t seen any of the draft yet with a teaser! I published these (and more) chapters on Wattpad as I was working on it, but not everyone uses that platform and a lot of folks haven’t had a chance to get a taste of what’s coming, should they so desire.

So, I made a PDF of the RED LEGION Teaser, and you can also read it on Wattpad. As a reminder, when it’s published, the book will be available in Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats. I’ll keep you posted on that…

Also, please feel free to share the teaser if you like – that’s what it’s for. And enjoy!


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  1. Fahima Andersen

    Very excited to buy the finished product. Have read and re-read the whole series at least four times so far. Love all the characters.
    A request if I may ask – a short novella about Shera Khan. His experiences as a first born male in millenia would be of great interest.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the books so much, and hopefully you’ll enjoy Red Legion, too! No promises about something on Shera-Khan. I never really considered doing anything beyond Final Battle, but I’ll think about it. 😎

  2. DomingoBlue

    Looking forward to Red Legion, I’m thinking I will re-read the whole series of books again and hopefully Red Legion will be completed by the time ⌚ I finish. So no pressure .

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