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How About a Teaser for RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10)?

RED LEGION (In Her Name, Book 10)Since you’ve been so patient and it looks like I might actually finish RED LEGION before the sun explodes (although prayers and exhortations are still welcomed and appreciated!), I wanted to reward those of you who haven’t seen any of the draft yet with a teaser! I published these (and more) chapters on Wattpad as I was working on it, but not everyone uses that platform and a lot of folks haven’t had a chance to get a taste of what’s coming, should they so desire.

So, I made a PDF of the RED LEGION Teaser, and you can also read it on Wattpad. As a reminder, when it’s published, the book will be available in Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats. I’ll keep you posted on that…

Also, please feel free to share the teaser if you like – that’s what it’s for. And enjoy!


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  1. Fahima Andersen

    Very excited to buy the finished product. Have read and re-read the whole series at least four times so far. Love all the characters.
    A request if I may ask – a short novella about Shera Khan. His experiences as a first born male in millenia would be of great interest.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the books so much, and hopefully you’ll enjoy Red Legion, too! No promises about something on Shera-Khan. I never really considered doing anything beyond Final Battle, but I’ll think about it. 😎

      1. Jon

        Hi Michael,

        Have you any updates on when you’ll be releasing a new book?

    2. Ginger Reaves

      I discovered “In Her Name” books after they were all written (thank God, I would have been a mess waiting for the next installment!). I loved the books, have reread them in sequence once, and a few on their own a couple of times. I have also gotten friends into them too. A new book would be a gift from heaven…. Thank you for writing this series! (I will start a new re-read in anticipation of Red Legion!)

      1. Michael R. Hicks

        Ginger – I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them! And SOMEDAY Red Legion will be done. Good Lord, I’m clearly not drinking enough wine or something to lure my muse back for longer visits…

        1. Michael Carman

          I am another huge fan of the series, Michael, and have read all the books several times. I’m so looking forward to Red Legion being finished and published.

  2. DomingoBlue

    Looking forward to Red Legion, I’m thinking I will re-read the whole series of books again and hopefully Red Legion will be completed by the time ⌚ I finish. So no pressure .

  3. Peter Gillham

    Only today realized you are writing this…thought the series was absolutely finished. I had better read the previous nine again before its published, (at one a week will i have time ? ) cant wait … best wishes from this side of the pond.
    Stay safe.

  4. Jared

    I read and fell in love with the In Her Name series late last year, i’m excited to hear a new addition to the series.

    Please keep me (us) posted!!

  5. Barry

    Rereading the series for the third time. Loving it. In the middle of Confederation now. Any chance that “Red Legion” will be out before I finish reading the series?

  6. Maggie

    Waiting patiently for #10…
    Will begin re-reading the whole series again. and looking forward to Red Legion!

  7. Rainer Bopp

    Dear Michael,
    after you stopped your experiment on Wattpad I lost sight of the project. So I’m glad to see that you are making progress. I can appreciate the challenges of writing a book while working in a regular job, as I’m currently writing myself a book (its a novel, but actually it is work related, “leadership development”). Quite a challenge and of course it will not be 1% as good as your books are. So I am admiring your exploit even more.
    Looking forward to buying your book as soon as it is out!
    Best regards,


    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Rainer! I’m still fighting with my muse, it seems: she drops by for a day or two, then flits off again. And that’s great you’re working on your own book; based on my own experience, I can say without hesitation that “leadership development” clearly falls into the fiction department, lol!!

  8. Josef

    Hello, how is it going? :) Stop flying and start writing! :-)

  9. Tom

    I’m feeling scared for you Michael. You may not have noticed that you are a winner (winner underlined here ) in the book department by lack of posts but you are!
    I’m also concerned that we; your fans, may get unruly if you don’t stop blaming your lack of performance on your lacky and start performing. If the wine isn’t helping, go out and pick a mushroom or two. That should work. Smiles and grinning smiles here if I knew how to put them here.
    And don’t judge me by my punctuation. Been hit in the head too many times. I once carried a 5.0 GPA. Still could if I cared enough at 60 years old and comfortably retired from software development

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Well, I’d be willing to try just about anything at this point (and I’ve actually got something I’m going to try), but I can’t do shrooms or I’d get fired from my day job, lol! I feel bad keeping y’all waiting, but when my muse isn’t there, it just doesn’t happen, and I’d rather write nothing than crapola (at least if my muse comes up with crap, I can blame it on her!). And no worries about punctuation or being hit in the head – I missed the mat in a high jump once in school, so I know how that feels, lol!!

  10. William Rowland

    Hi Michael,
    My son turned me on to the in her name series and at this point both of us have read the entire series several times. I have red what you published in Wattpad and am looking forward to having that book as well. Excellent characters excellent premise, very enjoyable. I am 72 years old now and have enjoyed science fiction for the last 60 years of my life. I have seen a lot come and go. Yours should be one that will last. I have missed having it in print. What are we going to do after the next Carrington Event? May God bless you and yours.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, William – glad you’ve enjoyed the books, and thanks for the kind words!!

  11. Marshall

    Excited to experience another installment of this series, I was turned into it by my Father-in law a few years ago. I have already read all 9 books 3 times and recommend the series to my local library. Best of luck in your work!

  12. Anthony

    Glad to see that the Red Legion has not been abandoned and is still a work in progress. Your muse problem can be appreciated but please understand that some of your readers are aging. :-]

  13. Rose

    From someone who writes poetry and draws at a whim I understand your muses indifference quite well. May I offer my muse to you?

    When my muse plays hide and seek I go back to what I know well; I reread my prior work. After a short time I feel my muse trying to nudge its way back into my good graces. I continue to ignore it as it looks over my shoulder mocking me. Before I know it my muse has returned.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Alas, I’ve tried the verse same things, but it hasn’t seemed to help – so far, at least. But maybe if this year isn’t as much of a mess as 2020, there might be hope…

  14. Ozzy Resto

    Well Michael, this crappy year is drawing to a close so next year will be it. Your muse will stick around and the book will be finished (fingers crossed). Of all the many sci-fi books I’ve read the In Her Name series has and will forever be my favorite. You have a true gift my friend.
    I did read through some of this book but didn’t want to spoil it, I’ll patiently wait for the finished work of art.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Ozzy! Yeah, this year has been a horrific one for many reasons. And I hope you’re right that this year I can get this darn book done!

      1. Albert Williams

        Like the others I have read the in her name books and the harvest books. Actually you got me on the Jarvest series you sent it to me , but don’t recall how I won it. Of course I had to read the rest.
        Give the muse a stiff drink to keep her around to finish Red legion. So I can reread all of the series with Reza!


        1. Michael R. Hicks

          LOL! Well, I’m going through the draft of Red Legion again, hoping that once I get to where I left off I can pick it up and finish the darn thing!!

  15. J.C Tijana

    The best news I heard in ages! I love sci-fi, read sci-fi, write sci-fi, I would also eat it but editing has proven to be an anaerobic exercise so I am on a diet. IN HER NAME is a rare phenomenon in my life where every now and again I have to re-read the series. And every time I soak in the beautiful writing, the characters that are so real and the world so well described – I literally live in it while I read. Thank you for this amazing, unique, creative marvel. I am so sick and tired of 55 versions of Spiderman 122 versions of Superman end the lot. Even AVATAR is a glorified Pocahontas. Your novels are a breath of fresh air. What I love most about your writing though is how effortlessly you ‘knit’ exposition into the story so it never feels like a bother. Very few writers have mastered this so well. THANK YOU for the joy of reading and the lessons I learned from your writing! Greetings from the UK

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I wish I could say I had some great secret, but I really just sit down and words come out the ends of my fingers, lol! Well, not so much the last few years, sadly, as my muse seems to be on vacation. But I’m back to work at trying to make some progress and finally finish Red Legion. I hope!!

  16. James Ruff

    Any idea when Red Legion will be complete> Have you taken part of the last chapter off of Wattpad? The In Her Name series is one of the finest SciFi/Fantasy series I have read! Keep up the good work.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks!! I’m working on it – keep your fingers crossed that I can actually make some long overdue progress!!

  17. Alice Keiller

    Hi Michael, I discovered you in 2011 while recuperating from surgery, not walking for a month and a half and inaugurating my KINDLE. Wow, you blew my mind away. We had contact by email and of course I read all your books which I just love. I was transported to another world and it was just fantastic. What happened, when is Red Legion coming out. I check on Amazon all the time but nothing. Please, I have always waited really paintially and now I am afraid I wont read it. Hope all is well and write, write, write…. Love

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Alice – Sorry to take so long to reply! I’m still trying to chip away on the story, but it’s really, really hard. My muse has NOT been cooperating at all, and I’ve gone through quite a bit of turmoil over the last year or so (on top of COVID, of course), which hasn’t helped…

  18. Alex

    I really hope there will be a sequel. An excuse to bring them back and have one more adventure

    Love your books


  19. Ricky David

    It will happen. Just take a walk down the Empress’s Garden…

  20. Al Williams

    Hi. Do you plan to finish Red Legion building up to match where Reza is at in Final Battle? Or is that to far ahead for Red Legion? Maybe reverse engineer Reza position on Final Battle.

  21. James

    Best guess on completion Red Legion> Jim

  22. Lorraine

    Hoping you are well. Life has definitely changed for all of us this last couple of years. Yes we’re all selfishly waiting for more of Reza,however, we want you safe, and healthy above everything else.
    Happily holidays,

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Lorraine! The story is still sitting there, staring at me, but my muse has yet to return… 😢 Stay well and safe!

  23. Philippe

    Hi Michel,
    10 years ago, I finished reading the first 9 books and subscribed to your newsletter, and I can’t believe it has already been that long… Like everyone else, I am praying for your muse to visit you a little more often, and not just to finish Red legion, I do love all your other books as well. I wish you well, and just wanted to add a more actual comment to this list😉

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Philippe! I’ll be posting some updates soon – things are changing, hopefully for the better!

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