Fake Audible Version of FIRST CONTACT

A reader alerted me today that someone by the name of Ethan C. Leal published an audiobook version of FIRST CONTACT to Audible and the other Amazon platforms. This individual did this without my permission or rights, and I’ve contacted Audible and asked to have it taken down and (hopefully) any purchases refunded, and I’ve also contacted what looks to be the miscreant on ACX. I’m not going to provide any links to it, but you can tell it’s a fake by the cover, and because the quality of the narration is crap. The ONLY legit audio content for FIRST CONTACT is what I’ve put out in my sadly neglected podcast. So if you happened to buy the pirated version from Amazon/Audible, please inform them and ask for a refund and to take down the audiobook. Grrr.

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  1. Grace

    It was completely accidental. The reader was hired through audible and was contacted by the “author”. This was Audible’s fault, not Ethan Leals. I am his wife and watched him slave away, trying his hardest to make an income after being laid off due to covid. He thought he was doing something good and I PROMISE you, if he could take it down, he would.

  2. Josè Hernandez

    I saw your Facebook post about it and it looks like a misunderstanding between you and Amazon. No need to attack the guy who didn’t intend any harm. Seems a little much dude. Love your books tho.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      When I see my work pirated by someone, yes, I’m going to go on the offensive to protect my intellectual property rights. I’ve been victimized by piracy before, as have many authors, and it’s not a pleasant thing to have happen after investing thousands of hours of work in each and every book. As it happens in this case, the narrator was the victim of a scammer just as much as I was. I know that NOW, after contacting him on ACX, but not when it was originally brought to my attention. Sorry, but I reserve the right to be irate when this sort of thing happens.

  3. Tom

    Amen to that brother. You have every right! Love your work. Now, get back to work.

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks! And glad you’ve enjoyed the books so far. I’m trying, I’m trying…

  4. Andy Greaves

    Please please please will you do official audible recordings of the entire series,I would dearly love to read these books again but unfortunately I no longer have the luxury of time for reading as I spend my days driving around the British Isles for work every day.
    I now “read” by listening to Audible
    So can you PLEASE get these books on Audible straight away if not sooner

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Andy – I’ve had every intention of getting that done, but haven’t gotten there yet. *sigh*

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Reading through the draft again, hoping I can jump start the darn thing!!

  5. Richard North

    I bought all of the in her name books under the email northerngroupsllc@gmail.com when I closed the business in 2016 and email I lost all the info. Any way to get the books back?

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Richard – sorry to hear that! You’ll have to contact whichever retailer you got them from in hopes of sorting it out. I don’t have any insight or control over the sales/distribution end of things, I’m afraid.

  6. Alan Gershon

    Hi Michael! Have you made any significant progress on turning the series into audible books yet?

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