Automatic Investment Management Spreadsheet Template

Automatic Investment Management Spreadsheet Template

For those who may be interested, I’ve put a spreadsheet together to track your trades for the Robert Lichello Automatic Investment Management (AIM) system. I’ve added a few bells and whistles to it, but the underlying math is right from Lichello’s original AIM system.

So, here’s the link to my AIM Spreadsheet Template as of 7 March 2021. Remember – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Here are instructions on how to use it, and I’ll be adding a YouTube tutorial soon to step you through the process:

  • COPY the template sheet to create a new sheet for each stock you takes position in. Then change the title of the sheet and the header row to the stock symbol (e.g. AAPL for Apple).
  • Row 1 is your entry row. Fill out ONLY the cells marked in yellow:
    1. Date (when you purchased the stock)
    2. Stock Price (the price per share you paid);
    3. Shares Held (number of shares that you bought);
    4. Stock Value (this will auto-calculated from Shares Held * Stock Price, but just in case you need to make a manual entry)
    5. DO NOT change the other cells
  • Row 2 is your first buy/sell row. These are the ONLY cells you should update on this and all subsequent rows:
    1. Date
    2. Stock Price
    3. Actual Shares Bot (“Bot” = bought or sold)
    4. IMPORTANT: for a sell, make sure you put a MINUS (“-“) sign in front of the number for Actual Shares Bot; for a buy, just the (positive) number.
  • BEFORE you enter the buy/sell information in the third row, duplicate (copy/paste) the entire row into Row 4. That keeps all the formulas intact for later transactions. Then enter your transaction information for Row 3.
  • Repeat that copy/paste action for each new transaction row.
  • If you find you accidentally messed up a row(s), you can always go back and copy Row 3 from the template to fix any rows from 3 on. Note that Rows 1 and 2 have different formulas in some of the cells – don’t use either of those to repair any later rows.
AIM Template Example

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  1. Edward C

    Found your site and this article after watching your Youtube video.

    Great content and a most excellent job on the spreadsheet and thank you so much for sharing your work with the world!

    Can’t wait to learn from you on this and other investing/trading related topics, thanks!

    1. Michael R. Hicks

      Thanks, Edward! I hope to have more videos up soon – things just got in the way this week, lol!

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