What Should I Write Next?

I posted this same question on my Facebook page, but since I know not everyone digs Facebook, I wanted to ask it here, too: what, as a reader, would you most like to see me work on next?

I know that I’ve been leading people to expect the next book of the First Empress saga, Mistress Of The Ages. Unfortunately, in reviewing the sales figures, it turns out that the sales of From Chaos Born (which is now free as an ebook) and Forged In Flame are the lowest of the pack, half of what I’m seeing for the other In Her Name books.

Now, I’m not solely driven by money; few, if any, authors are. But since my book royalties are my family’s sole source of income, sales are a factor that I have to take into account. Like it or not, this is a business, after all.

So, just for the sake of argument and to see what you think, what would you like most?

A) Mistress of the Ages (yes, I may still go ahead and do it next, but even if I didn’t, at some point in the next year I’d likely finish off Keel-Tath’s story);

B) More in or before the timeline of the Redemption Trilogy with Reza and Esah-Zhurah, or perhaps what happens leading up to their story;

C) Something completely different. I’ve got a lot of other project ideas queued up that I’d like to inflict on you!

So, comment away and let me know your thoughts. I haven’t decided anything at this point – I’m dithering and need serious help! LOL!

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127 comments on “What Should I Write Next?
  1. Brian says:

    Mr. Hicks,
    I’m with the rest of the folks here that I would much prefer to see Mistress of the Ages. I can’t for the life of me explain why the First Empress series sales would be so low. I’m completely enraptured with the Kreelan world you’ve created. While I would love to see more about Reza and Esah-Zhurah ( I found Empire to completely engrossing. I could not set it down), I would really like to finish the story of the first Empress.

  2. Steve says:

    Please finish “Mistress of the Ages”.


    Start charging more for your books ! It’s crazy that out of the 11 books of yours that I’ve read (8x In Her Name; 3x Harvest) 4 of them were free, and the total price of the remainder was less than the cost of a couple books from main-stream authors.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Well, it’s a bit of a fine line to walk between asking price and what readers will pay, with the aim of maximizing overall royalties. The truth is that $2.99-$3.99 seems to be the sweet spot. Much higher than that, and sales start dropping off fast. But I can’t complain – the book sales are keeping food on the table! :-)

      • jean lener says:

        Your books are amazing and very cheap. Since your books are so good people will buy them even if you asked for more. I have read tons of books from all authors and type.I have been reading since I was 7 and have not stopped I am now 64. Your books are like food to me. I have to have them or my mind will starve. When your books are done and I have to read others I feel like I am on a diet so please keep writing. I love going to new worlds and learning about them. I feel like I am there in the story. Thank your family for letting you pursue your dream.

  3. michael black says:

    Michael, I vote for Mistress of the Ages of course, I voiced that in the book page comments. But I’d certainly love to see more of Reza and the family too! Somehow I suspect you’ll surprise us on where the Kreelans actually went after Final Battle, there is more to the Empire than we expect, I’m sure.

    Like others, I can’t fathom why sales are down, other than the overall economic worries peeking in everyday. Your books are certainly reasonably priced, heck I would have no problem if you settled on $4.99 as the median. With 6-800 or more pages in your books, people are getting great deals on quality writing, in my opinion.

    Anyway, I’m your fan my friend, that stays solid (chewed up fingernails and all…)

    Waiting (sorta patiently), Michael Black

  4. dan alford says:

    I’d like to see the mistress of ages – I know a lot of other authors who seem to have ADHD and write several series in parallel which can be very frustrating as a reader.

    While I would like to see some more of Reza I’m thinking that maybe a book or trilogy set between The Last War and Redemption that can explore the last days of the Last War generation and the predecessors to the redemption characters.

  5. I know I am very late to this blog post; however, I have to agree with others on Mistress of the Ages. That’s the last book in the series that I haven’t read and my brother and I have been anxiously awaiting it.

    I do understand; however, if you have to put something else first. As the breadwinner, you must do what is best for your family.

    But I’m still waiting on Mistress.

  6. Andrew Jeffery says:

    Please do Mistress of the Ages next.I picked up First Contact about two months ago on Kindle.I was hooked straight away.I have since been so wrapped in in the Kreelan story that even my online gaming has suffered.I have not read a series of books that have so drawn me in to this extent since reading Tolkiens Lord of the Rings,Arthur C.Clarkes Rama series or Patrick Tilleys Amtrak Wars for the first time.I understand if you need to write something that puts the bread on the table for your family first but please don’t leave us hanging too long for that final book in the trilogy.Its also great to hear that there may be another In Her Name trilogy somewhere on the horizon.Keep up the fantastic work and best of luck for the future.

  7. Sue Blaikie says:

    Please write Mistress of the Ages! I have all the other books, but I have only read First Contact because I wanted to be able to read the whole nine one after the other as soon as Mistress of the Ages was published. I keep seeing the others on my Kindle and you won’t believe how hard it is not to give in and read them!

  8. Fahima Andersen says:

    Michael,please complete Keel-Hath’s story. I have read all of your books and would gladly pay more. I have bought books that are more expensive, and have been greatly disappointed. Your books keep me engrossed, I love the adult story. You can take your time to write the story that makes you happy but please don’t have us wait too long. I would like to see more of Reza’s story, see how his unique influence changes the Kreelan culture. I would love to see if his son develops the ability to step outside of the Kreelan cultural box so to speak. If he is able to enhance “the Way” so to speak. After all, isn’t that growth is about?

    • Fahima – I promise I’ll finish it! :-) And I won’t say when it’ll be out (I’m not going to give any projected release dates for books anymore, as I’m invariably late), but I won’t take nearly as long as George RR Martin is. LOL! As for any story line after the end of Final Battle, I can’t offer any promises, but we’ll see…

      • Fahima Andersen says:

        Hi Michael, thank you for responding. BTW, I will say that I have always paid list price for books especially when it comes to authors whose work I respect and admire. I’m hooked on the world that you’ve created. Waiting with baited breath…..:))

  9. Massimo says:

    I very much enjoyed all the novels you wrote (basically all the In Her Name + The Harvest): tell you the truth, I got “initiated” by the Harvest book series, thinking it was a spy story of some sort (well, there was an FBI investigation to start with!), but I got caught on the whole plot and I could not let it go (what? Dropping a nuke on US soil? Yeah, baby…. craaazyyyy!)…

    So, if I have to vote, I would like a change for a bit from the 3 trilogy of In Her Name: either something on the line of the Harvest (but not the same), or something completely new…. pretty please :)

  10. Stephen Byrne says:

    Please complete the Mistress of the Ages first and complete the best series of books I have ever read. I started with free copy of First Contact and by a third way through bought the two other books. I like most Readers I suspect have found it hard to put down at times. If you can go back further for the start of the Kreel then great or even universe live and power struggles with them gone would be great.

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