What’s Your Favorite Passage From BITTER HARVEST?

Bitter HarvestWhile the beta readers are busy going through REAPING THE HARVEST, I’m trying to get the audiobook version of BITTER HARVEST ready for release. I was hoping keen readers like yourself might be able to help me out a bit with this: I need one or more passages from the book to use in the demo sample.

The sample can be a maximum of five minutes long, which works out to around seven hundred words (for my books, that’s typically about a quarter or fifth of a chapter). It doesn’t have to be exactly that long, of course, that’s just the maximum.

Soooo, I’m looking for suggestions for passages (one longer one or several shorter ones) that you think would make a great hook for new listeners. Just cut and paste it/them in a comment on this post.

Looking forward to hearing your ideas!


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2 comments on “What’s Your Favorite Passage From BITTER HARVEST?
  1. Teresa says:

    My favorite characters, after Naomi and Jack, of course, are Alexander and Koshka. I especially like the idea of them on leash, so when I think of this book, I remember Chapter 25 when Naomi is leashing the cats for their foray into the mall. I can very clearly picture the poor cats slinking along in fear and trepidation. And I love it when they attack the harvestor and impress the heck out of the FBI agents. Those scenes would make a great blurb for you.

  2. LisaVBr says:

    I have so many favorite passages, but I think one in the first chapter sets up the desperation of the situation that Jack and Naomi are facing when they are suddenly told that the agency set up for them to use is being closed, and they are going to be exposed as still alive, their cover identities removed. The harvesters are still out there, but all support for finding them have been shut down! Here’s the passage:
    “Mr. Dawson. Dr. Perrault.” The vice president stood and extended his hand to shake theirs, even as they stood there, gaping at his use of their real names. “You know acting Director Carl Richards, of course. And this is his replacement, Kyle Harmon. He’ll be taking over the FBI shortly, as the Senate has already confirmed his nomination, although that isn’t public knowledge yet.”  
    After Jack and Naomi shook hands, trying to recover from the double shock of having their identities exposed and discovering that Richards had been ousted as the FBI’s Director, Lynch said, “Please, sit down.”
    Jack and Naomi sat on the white sofa that backed onto the north-facing windows, while Lynch, Harmon, and Richards sat in matching armchairs facing them.
    “Sir…” Jack began, but closed his mouth as the vice president held up his hand.
    “Let me do the talking for now.” Lynch made it quite clear he was in control of this meeting. “You’ll have a chance to ask questions when I’m through.” “Yes, sir.” Jack sat back in the sofa, forcing down his temper as he crossed his legs, trying to look relaxed. He flicked a glance at Richards, who was examining his shoes with rapt attention.
    “Unlike the president, I’m not one to mince words,” the vice president continued, “so I’ll come right to the point. The Soil Erosion Analysis Laboratory, the cover for the agency that former President Curtis created to investigate the so-called harvesters, is   disbanded as of today. All the government assets will be turned to the Department of Homeland Security. All the personnel who had been assigned to the agency will be given two weeks severance.” He looked Jack, then Naomi, in the eye. “That includes the two of you.”
    “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Naomi interrupted Lynch’s monologue. “There’s still a terrible threat hanging over the country, and probably the world. We’re the only thing that stands against it!” Lynch shook his head.
    “Dr. Perrault, with all due respect, please tell me one thing, just one, of significance that you and Mr. Dawson have unearthed since your agency was formed?” “If our work is going to be judged simply on a metric of reports produced, or…”
    “Just one, Dr. Perrault.” Lynch held up a hand with his index finger raised. “Just one thing that could either substantiate the threat or prove that you could do something against it with the millions of tax dollars the government has given you, other than rewriting or refining data that you already had.” “We’ve made huge strides in understanding the harvester genetic code, and we’ve also learned a great deal about how they manipulated people like President Curtis and FBI Director Ridley.”
    At the mention of Ridley’s name, Richards looked up from the floor, a haunted expression on his face. “We’ve also mapped their social network,” Jack added. “That allowed us to identify the industrial areas they were targeting, and…”

    Hicks, Michael R. (2012-09-12). Bitter Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 2) (Kindle Locations 157-181). Imperial Guard Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.

    Then, since the discussion of The Bag would probably give away too much of a spoiler (Just in case someone comes across Reaping before they’ve read Season, cut to:
    “…As I’m sure you’re aware, one of the president’s big planks, along with undoing the ecological disaster in central California, is cutting government waste. And we’re starting with your agency.”
    After a brief pause while Jack and Naomi digested that news, Lynch continued. “As for your false identities, DHS and FBI will issue a low profile joint press release explaining that both of you had been working undercover and had infiltrated the Earth Defense Society. We’ll say that putting you on the most wanted list was to assist your efforts at infiltration. That can then be tied into Special Agent Richards’ heroic deeds at Sutter Buttes, as the Curtis administration previously reported to the media.” He gave them a sympathetic look. “The president and I understand what Curtis was trying to do by giving you false identities. But the fact is that President Miller is determined to distance his administration from everything Curtis did with the EDS affair. In the inquiries that Congress is planning, your identities and roles in what happened are bound to come to light, and President Miller isn’t about to get caught holding the bag, if you’ll pardon the expression. Better we return you to the mainstream now, with a positive spin, than have you discovered later during an inquiry.”
    Jack could understand the president’s reasoning up to a point. But he also had no doubt that he and Naomi would likely be the focus of unwanted police attention for the rest of their lives. And some people would never believe that he hadn’t been involved in the crimes of which he had been accused, which included killing FBI agents.
    He glanced at Naomi, but she was staring fixedly at Lynch. The skin of her neck and cheeks were a bright red. Richards looked like he’d been whipped. Jack closed his eyes for a moment, trying to control the sickly sensation of free fall that had threatened to overcome him.
    Opening his eyes, Jack caught the vice president’s gaze. “Is anyone going to continue to pursue the possibility that [this all] exists, or is everything just going to be dropped and swept under the rug?”
    “That’s no longer your concern, Mr. Dawson.”

    Hicks, Michael R. (2012-09-12). Bitter Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 2) (Kindle Locations 203-219). Imperial Guard Publishing, LLC. Kindle Edition.

    I know that I know next to nothing about publishing an audio book, so maybe this won’t work out. I think the desperation of what they are facing, and then the final words of “That’s no longer your concern, Mr. Dawson” points out the nearly insurmountable task they face in order to save all living things in the world very nicely. And all without spoilers, which I know many people hate. I hope this helps!

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