Some Giveaways To Celebrate The Release of BITTER HARVEST

Okay, the clock is ticking! I’m starting to get the red ink back from my editorial team for Bitter Harvest, and by the end of this week (around 7 September) I hope to have the book in the hands of the beta readers. Once they’re done, I’m punching the “publish” button on 14 September!

In the meantime, we’re going to have a little bit of fun with a few giveaways. However, just to keep you on your toes, I’m going to do things a little differently: these will be “played” through my mailing list. So if you want to win any of the goodies (ideas for which I’m still mulling over), you’ve got to be on the list!

How do you do that? Easy: just sign up on the little “Subscribe” form that’s in the upper right corner of every page on this site, as well as on the free books page. And please note that I don’t give your information to anyone else, and I also don’t send out much to the list, mainly just announcements for my new books and freebie or giveaway sorts of things like this.

I think we’ll do the first one tomorrow – that would be Monday, 3 September (Labor Day here in the U.S.). So get yourself signed up on the list and get read to have a little giveaway fun!

15 thoughts on “Some Giveaways To Celebrate The Release of BITTER HARVEST

    • roger n. powell

      you’re “way up there” on my list with isaac asimov, arthur c. clarke, robert heinlein and alfred bestor (the stars my destination). you till owe me lunch! Roger N. Powell

      • Michael Hicks Post author

        Roger – LOL! Thank you so much for the kind words! As for lunch, that’s going to be a littler tougher now that we’ve moved to Florida, but I’m still good for it – someday! ;)

        • roger n. powell

          i have a home in ft. lauderdale (that i don’t get to enough), but maybe we can get lucky and “hook-up” in fl during the winter mos.m, roger n.powell

  1. James Farmer

    Definitely looking forward to the second part of this trilogy. Loved the first one and I know I won’t be disappointed with this one.

  2. solacewinter

    I need more Michael R. Hicks books! Because you, darling, are the reason I love sci-fi again. You gave me a new appreciation and understanding of it, and everything you write is gold.

  3. Matt Kenney

    I liked the Season of the Harvest. Can’t wait for Bitter Harvest. My favorite Michael R. Hicks book was the original In Her Name.
    An exciting year for me so far on many levels, but had a great trip to Maui and another one to Las Vegas.
    Hope all is well with you, your family and fans!

  4. Leland Somers

    I’m so glad to see someone writing science fiction that is real science fiction rather than fantasy. This is a great book and I look forward to several more. My first book by Mr. Hicks, what a great discovery.

  5. Michael Hicks Post author

    Okay, all – the winner of the $10 goody is Tera M.! I wanted to thank everybody here for playing, and we’ll be having another giveaway, probably this weekend. But remember: YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE MAILING LIST to play! :)

  6. GeoKs

    I’m all caught up on all your books so good to see another is on the way… now if we could only make the write speed as fast as the read speed we would be in business. The storage media makers would be all over that as well!


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