Seeking Beta Readers for FORGED IN FLAME

The final edits for FORGED IN FLAME should be back soon. Once I make those revisions, guess what it’ll be time for? BETA READERS!

If you’d like to be considered for this onerous, um, fun little job, here’s what I’m looking for in potential victims (did I say that?):

  • While finding typos and grammatical bloopers is always a plus, the primary job of the beta reader is to spot anything that jars you out of the story, things that make you go, “Now wait just a gosh darn minute! How did that happen?” Or maybe something is really glossed over that maybe needs more detail, or the other way around. Continuity errors are another good one, where there’s no logical way that a character could have gotten (literally or figuratively) from A to B without a Star Trek teleporter. That sort of thing. In short, anything that seems to detract from the story.
  • You’ll have to have some sort of ebook reader or app, as I don’t send out print copies (since there aren’t any yet – LOL). And you’ll also have to be able to convey to me where the issues are without using platform specific pointers. For example, telling me about a typo at 2,394 on your Kindle doesn’t help me much, but saying “From see to shining see – should be SEA” or something like that works well, because I can search on the incorrect text in the book manuscript file.
  • Probably the biggest trick is that you’ll have to have time available to read the book on a pretty short timeline: I’d like to have all comments back by Saturday, 16 February (and yes, of this year). Call me a slave driver!
  • Oh, another little prerequisite: you really need to have read FROM CHAOS BORN first!

And that really is that. Also, let me say up front that I REALLY appreciate folks taking the time to beta read my books – it’s a huge help in making them the best they can be!

So, if you’d like to be considered as a beta reader for FORGED IN FLAME and you think you can check all three points above, let me know why you’d make a good one in a comment on this thread. Then after I make the final editorial revisions, I’ll let the lucky stuckees know who they are (note: I usually pick about half a dozen people) and will forward them the book files for maceration!

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58 comments on “Seeking Beta Readers for FORGED IN FLAME
  1. I would really like to be a beta reader for Forged in Flame.

    The truth: I just want to be able to read Forged in Flame as soon as possible!

    The matched check points+:
    1. I will read the book in Kindle.
    2. I do pay attention to the story line details and will catch story-line glitches.
    3. I have read all of the In Her Name series (& the Harvest books).
    4. I read much faster than the average person.
    5. I correct papers/essay for a living as a community college philosophy professor
    6. I am the chief editor for a community newsletter.
    7. I LOVE your books and will treat this responsibility with the utmost care :)

    Sign me up!

  2. Daniel Neal says:

    I’ve read everything you’ve written thus far and would love the opportunity to beta read for you!

  3. Pat Egen says:

    Would love to do another pass at beta testing. You make it tough to find things that don’t fit in the story line – you have a great flow and “feel” the emotions of the characters. It is a neat challenge to try to find something “wrong” – especially when you want to enhale a book – as I do with yours. So I qualify for all the requirements above. I get the book – all else stops while I read it.

  4. I want to thank everybody for volunteering for this “fun” job (lol)! I’ve made the selections, and the poor victims will be getting emails shortly… :-)

  5. Gena says:

    Mr. Hicks,

    I’d love to be a beta reader! I’ve read all the books in both series six or seven times now, I’ve got a handle on the Kreelan “mythology” if you will; plus I am a former English tutor and I can polish off 500 pages in a day.
    Pretty please! I cannot wait to read “Forged in Flame”!
    Thank you Sir.
    -Gena (waterlily)

  6. Gena says:

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t see your message! Sorry for asking. I wish I’d checked this website sooner!

  7. Jennifer Drumm says:

    Oh I so wish I had seen this earlier! But very glad to see it is coming out soon.

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