REAPING THE HARVEST Is Set For Release on 14 October

Reaping The HarvestIt’s getting close, my friend! The draft copy of Reaping The Harvest is now with the editors, and I hope will be out on the street by 14 October in ebook format (the print version will follow a few weeks later).

There’s still quite a bit to do between now and then, as once I get it back from the editorial team and make those revisions, it’ll be sent off to a team of beta readers. Once they’re done going through it and I make the final revisions I’ll punch the publish button and open the champagne while you dive in to what I hope will be a buying frenzy for those who have been beating up on me the last few months to know what happens to Jack, Naomi, and the others…especially the cats.

Now, I know  a number of folks are interested in being beta readers. If you’re one of them, hang on until I make the official call, which will appear here on the web site. I’ll also tweet about it and post it on Facebook, of course.

We’ll also probably be having a giveaway or two, although I don’t have that sorted out (and that reminds me, I still have to  give the winners of the Season Of The Harvest audiobook giveaway their prizes – I’m sooooooo bad!)…

P.S. If you want to make sure to know about any updates, changes, etc., make sure you’re on my mailing list.

9 thoughts on “REAPING THE HARVEST Is Set For Release on 14 October

  1. Bonita

    Hello :-)

    Really loved the first two books in this trilogy. Has the third one come out yet? I have already checked amazon and nothing there. I find it hard to wait any longer! :-)


  2. Corie Whitesel

    This is a good way to lose readers, sir. We have waited through many proposed “finish dates” since the beginning of this past summer. Getting tired of waiting…

    • Michael Hicks Post author

      Well, sorry you feel that way, but I’m hardly the only author whose release dates slip. People always ask when the next book is coming out, so I give them my best estimate at the time. Obviously, it’s not an exact science, and I had a lot going on this year in my personal life that stretched things out long past when I’d hoped to have the book done. Looking on the bright side, it’s just more time to read other things until the book does come out… :-)

      • Kat

        Good point, and I sincerely appreciate that I was able to find your recommendation for another author. If you liked him then he was bound to be one I’d like. I did, and will be following your lead on other authors in future.

  3. Corie Whitesel

    It is funny you say that… I just bought the third book in a series that I began two weeks ago. Sorry I was so hard on you, I am just really looking forward to reading the conclusion!


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