Now Get Google Play Apps on Nook HD

Google Play Apps on Nook HD

Get Google Play Apps On Your Nook HD/HD+

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that prices for Nooks in the UK were slashed (update: I noticed on the Barnes & Noble site that US prices for Nook have been cut, too), Barnes & Noble announced that you can now get Google Play apps on Nook HD and HD+, which may help breathe a bit of life into the Nook.

While I’m a Kindle man myself, I’m always rooting for its competitors, particularly the Nook, because competition is good for the consumer and, in the end, good for me as an author. Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble has consistently shot itself in the foot in the digital arena with things like poor web site search and indexing, poor cross-product and direct promotional tools, and, for authors, the introduction of Nook Press, which took the clean and simple PubIt! interface and, well, screwed up a bunch of things.

However, with the introduction of access to the bazillion Google Play apps on Nook HD and HD+, they got something right, and it only made sense for an Android-based platform. The best part (for me as an author, at least), is that now Nook users aren’t limited to the Barnes & Noble online bookstore: you can get books (and movies, etc.) from Google Play. Since I don’t use either of those myself, I can’t tell you if that’s better, worse, or indifferent, but if nothing else it gives you more choices.

And, if you’re a Nook HD/HD+ user (or have any other Android-based gadget), here are a few books on Google Play you might want to check out. Enjoy!

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5 comments on “Now Get Google Play Apps on Nook HD
  1. Daniél Lecoq says:

    And from Google Play you can install Amazon Kindle and get the best of two worlds 😉

    • Yes! Someone on Twitter told me that just after I finished this post. Wouldn’t that be ironic that what saves the Nook in the end is people using it to read books bought for the Kindle App downloaded through Google Play… 😉

  2. Adam says:

    I was going to mention the Kindle app, as well as all the third party epub & mobi ebook readers. I hope when they sell them in Australia the prices are equally good, which will kind of make many tablets pointless to buy.

  3. LaToya says:

    How do I download apps on my nook hd+

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