Welcome to my giveaways page – if I have a contest running, you can always find the entry form here, so make sure to add this to your bookmarks!

For those who haven’t done this before, here are the exact steps to enter the contest with the form below (just to clarify some things folks have found a bit confusing in the past):

  1. PLEASE READ THE CONTEST RULES – there’s a button in the lower right of the contest form. Very important!
  2. Click on the Enter The Contest button
  3. Fill out the drop-down form that shows up
  4. Click on the Enter To Win button
  5. You will receive a “Please confirm your opting in” email from Rewards Fuel, which is the service that hosts the contest app
  6. Click on the confirmation link (“Confirm your entry” button) in the email (NOTE: this also enters you into my mailing list, if you’re not already)
  7. Congrats, you’ve entered the contest!
  8. Other buttons may or may not be displayed (e.g., “Share for Points” or similar), so click on them to see what you need to do, and have fun!
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