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I’m going to give you three of my bestselling novels absolutely free* in ebook format. There aren’t any catches or gotchas, you don’t have to fork over your email address or anything else. Just click on the link for the format you want and grab ‘em.

The reason I’m doing this is very simple: I want you to get hooked on my books. I want you to try these freebies, because if you like them, you’re going to want to get the rest (and if you don’t, you haven’t lost anything but a bit of time). So download away, and tell your family, friends, and coworkers to come here and get their own copies, too!

Season Of The Harvest
Learn More

First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War, Book 1)
Learn More

Empire (In Her Name: Redemption, Book 1)
Learn More

* Note: Not all retailers have the books free at any given time, but you can always get them free at Smashwords in multiple ebook formats. And if you don’t have an ereader device, you can grab a free ebook reader app for just about any smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and of course iTunes/iBooks.

141 thoughts on “Free Novels

  1. Kathy W.

    I was immediately hooked on the In Her Name series! The visuals and the intensity of the story made me wish I was (so badly, lol) one of those Beautiful Blue Women! :) The story you created seemed and felt so real that I find myself thinking about the Kreelans all the time! Loved them all! Gonna get Dead Soul now. Thank you.

  2. kevin rivers

    I have read all 7 books in the “in her name” series and from the first book I was totally hooked, some of the best books I have read for a very long time, I now have a real problem though, how can you end the series with From Chaos Born, surely there has to be at least one more book in there, it just doesn’t seem the logical way to end or is it just me wanting more probably is either way I live in hope.

  3. Phyllis Yanagihara

    I am so hooked on this series, totally bummed that I cannot find Mistress of the Ages! I have always enjoyed fantasy/science fiction but have always felt like an observer. Your writing pulls me right into the story as if I am experiencing first hand!. New fan, totally devoted to reading everything you write!

  4. Steve biagiotti Sr

    I downloaded your free book “first contact” and really enjoyed it. It was exciting and imaginative.
    Then downloaded the other free books and they were great reading also. I have since bought most of your other books and look forward to reading them all during our upcoming cruise to Hawaii and the French Polynesian islands next month.
    I did have trouble trying to figure out what is the correct order to read the books in so that the stories flowed together. I felt like the plot kept jumping around on me.
    The story is great! I hope you have some more adventures to explore with the Kreelans.


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