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I’m going to give you three of my bestselling novels absolutely free* in ebook format. There aren’t any catches or gotchas, you don’t have to fork over your email address or anything else. Just click on the link for the format you want and grab ‘em.

The reason I’m doing this is very simple: I want you to get hooked on my books. I want you to try these freebies, because if you like them, you’re going to want to get the rest (and if you don’t, you haven’t lost anything but a bit of time). So download away, and tell your family, friends, and coworkers to come here and get their own copies, too!

Season Of The Harvest
Learn More

First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War, Book 1)
Learn More

Empire (In Her Name: Redemption, Book 1)
Learn More

* Note: Not all retailers have the books free at any given time, but you can always get them free at Smashwords in multiple ebook formats. And if you don’t have an ereader device, you can grab a free ebook reader app for just about any smart phone, tablet, PC, etc. from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and of course iTunes/iBooks.

152 thoughts on “Free Novels

  1. Kathy W.

    I was immediately hooked on the In Her Name series! The visuals and the intensity of the story made me wish I was (so badly, lol) one of those Beautiful Blue Women! :) The story you created seemed and felt so real that I find myself thinking about the Kreelans all the time! Loved them all! Gonna get Dead Soul now. Thank you.

  2. kevin rivers

    I have read all 7 books in the “in her name” series and from the first book I was totally hooked, some of the best books I have read for a very long time, I now have a real problem though, how can you end the series with From Chaos Born, surely there has to be at least one more book in there, it just doesn’t seem the logical way to end or is it just me wanting more probably is either way I live in hope.

  3. Phyllis Yanagihara

    I am so hooked on this series, totally bummed that I cannot find Mistress of the Ages! I have always enjoyed fantasy/science fiction but have always felt like an observer. Your writing pulls me right into the story as if I am experiencing first hand!. New fan, totally devoted to reading everything you write!

  4. Steve biagiotti Sr

    I downloaded your free book “first contact” and really enjoyed it. It was exciting and imaginative.
    Then downloaded the other free books and they were great reading also. I have since bought most of your other books and look forward to reading them all during our upcoming cruise to Hawaii and the French Polynesian islands next month.
    I did have trouble trying to figure out what is the correct order to read the books in so that the stories flowed together. I felt like the plot kept jumping around on me.
    The story is great! I hope you have some more adventures to explore with the Kreelans.

  5. Jeff Sapper

    It’s impossible to put in words what the series “In Her Name” has done for me. I was always an avid reader, not just sci-fi, but drama, biographies, history, basically anything I could get my hands on. I love Asimov, Heinlin Tolkien, Connelley, Ludlum, Dan Brown, Lucas, Niven & Pournelle, Verne, I can go on and on. I was an atheist. To say I was hooked when I read the first book (#4) is putting it mildly: I fell in love.I am an extremely fast reader and did the first 8 books in 6.5 days. I also hd the luxury of being disabled (or not have the rigors of a 9 to 5) which in this case, was a benefit. I actually started to believe in a Supreme Being after finishing the first 6 books. Now that’s PROFOUND! I went as far as naming the dog “Reza”. So now we have this long-legged Shi Zsu, that was adopted by my wife and I I read the Harvester Trilogy once, great books as well.

    I’m on my third reading of In Her Name, anticipating the end of an era….


    • Michael Hicks Post author

      Wow! Thanks for the kind words – that’s awesome! And the next book of the First Empress saga will be up next, and there are a number of other books that I have planned for the series that will come along in the future… :-)

  6. susie prater

    Did not realize, at first, that I already have your series, In Her Name, and
    I loved them too. You are a wonderful writer and I will look for more books by you. Thanks for the excellent entertainment.

  7. Alan

    Really enjoying the “In Her Name” series of books and have just started Final Battle. I am really hoping Thorella gets what he deserves! Looking forward to reading more of the series as they are published. Am I the only one who thinks these would make great movies?

  8. James

    i have read all 3 of the other series and enjoyed them all, although i do have some critiques i will keep them myself as overall i loved them. as do my colleagues i have recommended them to. i love your work and await the next book with very little patience.

  9. Tina L

    Mr Hicks In Her Name Series, are the first sci-fi/space opera boss I’ve ever read. As an avid reader I’ve enjoyed thousands of books but have never encountered any that has left me with an indescribable feeling as these! I find myself thinking of Reza, his son, and Kreelan Wife as if they were friends of mine, with whom I’ve lost contact. Lol I know it sounds absurd but his amazing description poured from the pages into my mind as seamlessly as if it were playing in Technicolor. I know the story of Keel-Tath will continue but it would be an amazing treat to visit Reza and his family one last time (subtle hint). Thanks Mr Hicks for allowing me to travel through time and space without leaving the comforts of earth. It will be an almost impossible task for another author to capture my mind as you have. Even your others works have me enthralled, thank you for allowing us to share what I can only describe as an AMAZING GIFT! YOU ROCK!

  10. Tina L

    Alan I have also said on more than one occasion, this series should be in big screen! I was a tad bit disappointed when Avatar premiered because of the uncanny resemblance to Kreelan Warriors. My thought is hopefully the series will make it to production one day without the implication of plagiarism, although In Her Name was published first. I sooo have my fingers crossed!

  11. Jim M

    Just finished the first “In Her Name” trilogy and downloaded the next. Wonderful writing, captivating. Hoping you follow in the footsteps of Piers Anthony Jacobs and continue with a trilogy cubed.
    Thank you.

  12. Chris Supronas

    I have been reading fiction fantasy since I was hooked on the riftwar series by Raymond E First (who could forget Keliwan) but In Her Name saga came only be described as epic and phenomenal. To describe the saga as a good read is as describing the sun is quite warm. Read this and be enveloped and transported beyond imagination. It makes the price of the Kindle hex 64GBP worthwhile .. All I will finish off by hoping that more literature comes forth from this master teller of far off worlds filled with hope and intrigue

  13. gianna


    Just finished reading the first book in the harvest series and will be starting on the second one in a minute. I wanted to thank you for including and giving our feline friends such a prominent role in defending our world in your books. I also live to serve two of my own moggies and a bunch of our neighbourhood cats. I feel much safer now knowing I have my own ‘security detail’ should the cornflakes start misbehaving.

    I loved the In Her Name series too – please continue writing.
    Greetings from London


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