FORGED IN FLAME Set For Release On 18 February

The beta readers for FORGED IN FLAME have been chosen, and I’m busy slinging books out the door at them (bonk!). I’m now also going to say that the official release date for the book is 18 February, which also happens to be President’s Day here in the U.S. And, um, yeah, that’s next week!

Because of how the whole distribution thing works, it will be available first on the following ebook platforms:

  • Amazon for Kindle
  • Barnes & Noble for Nook
  • Kobo
  • Smashwords for multiple ebook formats
  • Google Play

The only major ebook format that’ll take a while longer to percolate through is for Apple iBooks, which should be available about two weeks later (again, because of how the distribution is handled).

Unlike my previous books, I’m also going to get the print version formatted and uploaded to the printer right away after I get the final revisions. Show the paperback should be showing up in the on-line retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble in early March.

So, get ready – here it comes!

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5 comments on “FORGED IN FLAME Set For Release On 18 February
  1. Cannot wait for Forged in Flame to arrive soon enough. I just might download it for all platforms and pick up a physical copy as well (never know when the power might go out)

  2. Looking forward to the release – would have liked to be a beta reader but would have had to give up skiing time!

  3. Kim Beach says:

    Happy dance!!!

  4. I am really looking for to finishing the “in her name” series about Keel-Tath, the first empress.
    The whole ” In her name” (redemption and 1st empress) book series is fantastic and I have been looking for something similar since I finished the last book, “Forged in flame”. But I can’t find anything as interesting….so I am re-reading the whole series.

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