Forged In Flame (In Her Name: The First Empress, Book 2) – Now Available!

The waiting is over! Forged In Flame, the second book of the First Empress saga after From Chaos Born, has just been released!

Keel-Tath, the child who would unite her people as foretold by an ancient prophecy, has grown to be a young warrior in the confines of the Desh-Ka temple, where she has been sheltered by her old friend and mentor Ayan-Dar from the clutches of Syr-Nagath, the Dark Queen. But when Keel-Tath is forced to choose between sanctuary and her honor, she goes into exile, leaving behind a broken-hearted Ayan-Dar.

Captured and bound in chains by those who serve the Dark Queen, she is rescued from an unspeakable fate by a warrior from the shadows. Thus begins Keel-Tath’s perilous journey to the ends of her war-ravaged world, through deadly wastelands and even deadlier seas, unaware that some of those she holds most dear stand ready to betray her…

The major ebook retailers are either carrying it now or will be shortly. The major exception is iTunes/iBooks, where Forged In Flame should be available sometime around the end of February (sorry, folks, distribution issues!). The print version should be available around the same time from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

P.S. By the way, we WILL be having a contest coming up, but I wanted to wait this time until the print version was released…

Get It Now At:

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4 comments on “Forged In Flame (In Her Name: The First Empress, Book 2) – Now Available!
  1. Gregory Rogers says:

    Bought it yesterday after your post on Facebook. Can’t wait to start reading it on the train this morning.

  2. Bill McKenzie says:

    Got it Michael – been waiting for a long needed Kreelan fix :)

    Currently re-reading the Redemption Trilogy which is one of the best SF series that I have ever read – and it is even better the second time.



  3. Donna Gott says:

    I guess the beta readers all ready have their links???? Thanks for considering me. Maybe next time….. Donna

  4. Garth Hadley says:

    Yay! Re-read From Chaos last week in preparation for this release. Purchased it this morning and will likely be done today. Then the wait for Mistress of the Ages begins. :)

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