Mistress Of The Ages (In Her Name, Book 9)

Mistress Of The Ages (In Her Name, Book 9)
Series: In Her Name, Book 9
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781311038333
Young Keel-Tath and her handful of followers must face the might of the Dark Queen and the ancient evil unleashed from Ka'i-Nur. But the pain and suffering she must endure pale against the unspeakable betrayal that awaits her, and that will change the fate of her people forever.
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The Kreelan warrior priesthoods, once charged with teaching and preserving the tenets of the Way, have sown the seeds of their own destruction by allying themselves with the Dark Queen and letting loose the ancient evil of Ka’i-Nur.

All that stands against the looming darkness is young Keel-Tath and a handful of surviving priests and priestesses of the Desh-Ka. Battered and bloodied from their own brief, vicious civil war, their honor and swords are now bound to the Child of Prophecy, come what may.

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