Season of the Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 1)

Season Of The HarvestSeason Of The Harvest is the first novel of the bestselling Harvest trilogy that brings new, terrifying meaning to the old saying you are what you eat

At a genetics lab where a revolutionary strain of corn is being developed, FBI Special Agent Jack Dawson’s best friend and fellow agent is brutally murdered, his body torn apart.

Jack is convinced that Naomi Perrault, a beautiful geneticist and suspected terrorist, is behind the murder. But when Jack is framed for setting off a bomb that devastates the FBI lab in Quantico, Naomi becomes Jack’s only hope of survival.

Confronted by the terrifying truth of what the genetically engineered seeds stolen by his friend are truly for and who is really behind them, Jack joins Naomi in a desperate fight across half the globe to save humanity from extermination…

Season Of The Harvest is available free as an ebook at most online retailers. If you can’t find it free at your favorite ebookstore, you can always get it free from Smashwords in multiple ebook formats.

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18 comments on “Season of the Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 1)
  1. Rich Burchell says:

    After reding the third book of In Her Name (Final Battle), which was great by the way, i started to read Season of the Harvest, you know that section you leave at the end of a novel to entice us to read, to wiggle the bait, well I got hooked right away. Said to myself, that’s my my next book to read. But I had already purchased your friend’s book “The Written” so have to finish that book first. Well I just went to B&N and the don’t have it in Nook format……sad I am.

    So hears the deal, I’m going to buy it because it’s what I want to read next, but is it only available in paperback? If so, could you let me know right, as I have a 20% coupon and would use it today to buy the paperback.

    I would prefer it for my Nook though.

    Anyway, your books are super, I can’t wait to read “Season of the Harvest”

    • Rich – Sorry for the late reply to this! Season Of The Harvest is, of course, available in print, but it will also be available for the Nook and other ereaders (besides Kindle) as early as next week! :)

  2. Chiveral says:

    Just finished Season of the Harvest. Loved it! I loved that the hero was a cat lover. I couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait for the next one!

  3. Lo Krijger says:

    I am reading a season of the Harvest now. Excellent stuff! It would make a brilliant movie too!

  4. Dianne says:

    I have read “Season of the Harvest” and I’m currently re-reading it! Please Please Please push to make this a movie! I would love to read Book 2. IS it available for pre-order through Amazon? I couldn’t find it…

    • I’d love to see it as a movie, too! I hope to hook up with a producer at some point, but that’s sort of a crap shoot. Book 2, Bitter Harvest, should be out in the next month… :)

  5. Jena johnson says:

    Wow!! I loved this book! I am a big James Rollins fan and it’s so hard to find books that combine action, science, great characters and an exciting storyline. The book flowed well and was never boring. I also loved that cats played a big part in the story. It’s rare to see cats get to be heroes! It also really makes you think about what youre eating, quite frightening really. Looking forward to the next book and I will also try some of your others as well!

  6. Ally says:

    So so so into the harvest! Just spent the last 4 hours reading the second half of “Bitter Harvest;” not looking forward to the wait until the final book comes out! Big props for the feline heroes, although my pulse rate jumps everytime Koshka (sp?) and Alexander are in danger. And thank you for giving up the 1st book free! Just jumped on the hyperlink at the end of the book to say thx and sign up for the newsletter, but I will def recommend this series to my friends and do an Amazon review… my 1st 5 star! ! ! Thanks again Michael….
    p.s… as others mentioned, a movie would be amazing… but to do it right would require a pretty hefty production budget. Plus, when I’m reading a really good book, I have my own little “movie” playing in my head. And as we all know the book is always better than the movie!

  7. Karen M. says:

    I have read all the Empire novels, finishing with Chaos. Thank you Michael Hicks for your wonderful novels! It has been a long time since I have enjoyed a sci-fi collection so much! I am looking forward to the next novel about Keel Tath and her journey!

  8. Nabori Gonzalez says:

    I just finished reading season of the harvest and know what? I coildnt put it down. Being a fierced Dean Koontz fan ( also my two daughters are, being my oldest the one who downloaded the kindle version of season of the harvest) i can say that after dean koontz this pne will be my second best sci fi writer in the world and i’ve been reading sci fi since i was 20, im 52now. So keep keeping me and my daughters reading :) .
    Nabori from PR

  9. Willow says:

    I was told to read your “In her name” series by my other half and accidentally read this instead. Best accident ever, I loved it. I couldn’t put it down … or the 2nd book. I’ve just this minute finished it and can’t wait for the next instalment later on this year. In the meantime I shall now start on the series I was supposed to be reading in the first place but not right now or the boss will shoot me. :)

  10. tracy says:

    great series looking forward to book 3!

  11. Nicholas Zwarton says:

    Excellant series to date. Cant wait for the third installment. Don’t want to see any of your series done as a movie bud, they would screw it up and change too much. Instead, would like to see a Tv serie done, with you nearby to make sure they don’t butcher it.

  12. Missy says:

    Michael. I just finished reading “Season of the Harvest”, and I must say that it had me enthralled from beginning to end and I am looking forward to reading the next. I said to my husband only halfway through that this would make an awesome movie! Thank you for such a great read.

  13. Rockie says:

    Went threw a few titles on the kindle free section and found this one. Had no expectations going in but let me say I loved this book! Could not put it down! Cant wait to start book 2!!

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