Reaping The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 3)

Reaping The HarvestThis is the third novel of the Harvest trilogy…

Jack Dawson awakens from the terrifying nightmare of the events in BITTER HARVEST to find his world under siege. Millions of people have died while he’s lain in a coma in a Norwegian hospital, and the threat of humanity’s total annihilation looms closer with every passing day.

As Jack and his companions face the enemy on the ground, brilliant geneticist Naomi Perrault is forced to strike a bargain with the devil as she races against time to develop a super-weapon that could win the war.

Reaping The Harvest is now available for the major ebook platforms (see the buy links in the drop-down menu, below). The Smashwords and print editions will be available soon!

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59 comments on “Reaping The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy, Book 3)
  1. mickey says:

    Want to get book 3 in the trilogy!!! When is it coming out?

  2. Lisa Throop says:

    love, love, love your books and so does my husband. I am patiently waiting for the release of the third book in the Harvest Trilogy.
    My husband really loves the In her Name series.

  3. Garry Kruck says:

    Michael, bravo!!! Well, you’ve gone and done it again…. I have read all your other novels and was hooked completely on the in her name series and vowed I would not read another until the release of the 3rd book in the trilogy mistress of the ages. I tried to start season of the harvest a couple of times but couldn’t bring myself to start a new journey with one still going. But gave up in the end and read it thinking I won’t get hooked as I didn’t believe you could create another fantasy as awesome as in her name. I’m very sorry for doubting you and your ability. I am but a humble servant to your imagination and cannot wait to be blown away again with the final tale. Thank you for writing such creative and realistic adventures.
    I’m off to buy myself a Siberian cat (no jokes)

  4. doug baker says:

    I hate having to wait even longer for the conclusion, but given that October is in the Fall\Harvest season, you should have planned an October release from the start. :)

  5. Austin-Sac,CA says:

    Love the Harvest Series. Was unable to put down either book. Actually had both books on my phone and when ever I had a few minute I would read more. In line at grocery store, reading Bitter Harvest, At school during class, Reading Bitter Harvest, At doctors office, reading harvest series. Stuck in Traffic, reading…Just driving, no traffice, reading harvest series.

    Best series I have read in years. Can’t wait for Oct 28th for final book. No more delays Mr. Hicks!

  6. Richard Gerrard says:

    I really loved your ‘In her name series’ but these Harvest books are the best yet. I am a dog lover but a cat hater, you have now shown me that they may actually be a use for the domestic cat. Looking forward to book three next week.

  7. Lynz says:

    Just finished reading the harvest trilogy a couple of days ago, and loved it. Flicking through The Meta Picture today, saw this pic, and thought of you and the trilogy! (Posted link in the website box.)

  8. Clay says:

    I have really enjoyed the first two harvest books. I drive 80k miles a year for work so I mostly do the audio books making use of the time behind the windshield. Will the 3rd harvest book be coming out in audio format?
    Best of luck in your future projects.

  9. Nikhil Shah says:

    Absolutely loved The Harvester Trilogy! Do you have any plans to start a new trilogy? That would be fantastic

  10. Cheri says:

    Your books are amazing , thank you for a thrilling interesting read!

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