First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War, Book 1)

In Her Name: First ContactThe first novel of the bestselling In Her Name series…

Young Midshipman Ichiro Sato joined the Terran Navy to escape a tyrannical father and find freedom among the stars. He had no idea when he boarded the survey starship Aurora for his first assignment that he and his crew would make humanity’s first contact with a sentient alien species. In an uncharted star system where Aurora’s crew discovers two planets inhabited by a non-human civilization, Aurora is disabled by gigantic alien starships before she can escape. Boarded by nightmarish blue-skinned warriors with claws and fangs, the aliens learn all there is to know about the ship, including all its stored information about humanity, before the crew is slaughtered in a series of ritual combats. Ichiro, the sole survivor, is returned to Earth as a messenger to warn of the aliens’ coming invasion of human space.

For that is the Way of the Kreelan Empire, an ancient and dying race that has waged war across the galaxy for a hundred thousand years, slaughtering every sentient species it has encountered in a desperate search for the One, a savior foretold in an ages-old prophecy who can rescue them from looming extinction. For the Kreelans, who will die out in a handful of generations, the conflict with humanity will be The Last War.

First Contact is available free as an ebook at most online retailers. If you can’t find it free at your favorite ebookstore, you can always get it free from Smashwords in multiple ebook formats.

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14 comments on “First Contact (In Her Name: The Last War, Book 1)
  1. Daniel says:

    Just finished In Her Name Redemption:Empire. It was hard to put down, keept me intreged. Looking foreward to reading your other books. Thanks.

  2. Michael says:

    I just started reading In Her Name and it is brilliant. You have hooked me from the beginning. I will let you know how I feel about the book once I’ve read some more but for now it is looking good.

  3. Jeff says:

    I have read all six books. This is awesome…I would love to see this as a mini-series. Please keep writing. Great job!

  4. stephen mackay says:

    Great book
    Couldnt stop reading it. Mans dream get to the stars. Search for new planets to live on
    Find sentient life.
    First Contact is not what they thought it would be

  5. Patrick says:

    Great books. Any luck with audio book versions?

  6. ken boyovich says:

    Tried to download the first two books as i purchased the third no way to download i am on a nook

  7. paul says:

    Damn it ive read them all now. The in her name series 3 times(sad i know) . But when please when is the rest of the first empress books coming …??

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