From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, Book 1)

From Chaos BornThis is the seventh book of the In Her Name series…

For long ages, the Kreelan race has been ruled by war. Only the priests and priestesses of the ancient martial orders prevented total annihilation as countless times civilizations arose, only to collapse again into savagery.

But one day, a powerful warrior arose from the Great Wastelands. Known as the Dark Queen, she began a war of conquest across the face of the Homeworld, secretly planning to destroy the martial orders and resurrect the dark ways of her race’s apocalyptic past.

What she did not anticipate was the birth of Keel-Tath, a child unlike any other. A child foretold in an ancient prophecy, destined to wield the powers of the ancient orders and unite her race.

A child the Dark Queen must kill, no matter the cost…

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38 comments on “From Chaos Born (In Her Name: The First Empress, Book 1)
  1. Ben says:

    These are some of the very best collected works I have ever read! I have been through “In Her Name” series twice, and have read “Chaos” once so far. The hardest part for me,will be limiting myself to once a year trips back! Keep up the excellent work,and know that your books have earned a spot on my shelf with Cards “Ender” series and Tolkeins “LOTR.” Well done Mr. Hicks!

  2. David says:

    I’ve just read all the in here name books and starting from chaos born I would realy like to read more about reza I was sad when I finished reading the last book about reza great story and many thanks for the creative writing

  3. Todd Grubbs, Irmo SC says:

    You’re like Jenny Craig & a venti triple shot latte combined! I went through every single one of your books, one after the other & just couldn’t stop. Thus, had no time remaining to eat or sleep. (So lost about 20 lbs.) Thank God I was still able to drag myself to work, even though all of my coworkers were wondering if I had become a drug addict because of my bloodshot eyes. @ least I was able to finish them all in just over a weeks time before they tried to schedule me for an intervention & rehab! Keep up the excellent work as I anxiously await your next book. Going now to eat & sleep …

  4. MaryLee says:

    About 40 years ago, (when I was quite younger), I remember starting to read a new novel the evening before starting a new job. Typically, I would read for a hour or so then fall asleep. I don’t remember the book, but I read all night, finishing only in time to shower, grab a piece of toast and run out the door! (No one was the wiser) With that said, the In Her Name, etc. books are spellbinding all the same. I always have difficulty with graffic violence such as some of the scenes in this incredible story. Difficulty not because I think it’s too violent or get woozy at the thought of blood-letting. The graffic scenes in this book series were so intricately written, you felt like you were right there….about to get dragged into the lot of it. I would get tense. My chest would ache. I couldn’t stop reading nor did I skim through them (as I sometimes do). No, my entire body turns into one giant knot as the fighting ensues. I literally found myself taking a breath only at the end of a battle, not realizing I was even holding my breath. And my semi all-nighters can no longer be kept secret. At my age, it’s hard to disguise this act of recklessness! The darkness under my eyes is a dead giveaway, yawning off & on, and taking a very early lunch the next day!! I would love to see this story made into a series of movies. The storyline interwoven with the battles was executed quite skillfully. (If the fighting gets too intense, once out in DVDs, I can (and do) mute the battle scenes). Funny, I can watch an intense battle scene easily when muted. But reading it; letting it culminate in my imagination, creates more of a sense of reality than watching it while muted. I shall read more from this author. I am now a fan, through & through.

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