I just realized that it’s been ages since I posted anything here. Well, not ages, exactly, but it would seem that way to a mayfly that only lives for a day or so. Poor thing.

Anyway, I’m happy to announce that Bitter Harvest, the second book in the Harvest Trilogy after Season Of The Harvest, will be out soon! I just fired the manuscript off to my editing team yesterday, and once they’re done hacking away at it, I’ll make revisions and send it on to a team of as-yet-to-be-selected beta readers. So I’m hoping it will be on the street by mid-September (which, incidentally, is when we’ll be closing on our house here in Florida, with us having moved from Maryland, but that’s another story).

To celebrate this happy event and to get new readers hooked on the series, Season Of The Harvest is now free as an ebook. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, stop procrastinating and check it out. It’s free. Free, I tell you!

Start reading that while we batten down the hatches here for Hurricane Isaac, which is heading our way…

15 thoughts on “BITTER HARVEST is Coming Soon

  1. Dioanne

    I would LOVE to Beta Read for you! I was a Beta Reader for the last “Countermerasure” book to be released. I have an older model Kindle (with the keyboard).
    If I can help, send me an e-mail.

  2. Tera Montgomery

    It wasn’t until I was messing around looking for new free Kindle books that I saw Season of the Harvest said “Book 1″ and I got SO excited and started trying to find out more about the next book! If you want a scientist to Beta read for you, I would be happy to :-) My Ph.D. is in Animal Science and I am always trying to introduce my students here at UW-Platteville to thought-provoking works of fiction to increase our discussions about what our roles should be in the future of agriculture and feeding the world. I am looking forward to reading more in this series when it becomes available.

  3. LisaVBr

    Yay! As soon as I finish what I’m reading now, gotta re-read Season of the Harvest so I can jump right in to Bitter Harvest when it comes out. Can’t wait! :-)


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