Barnes and Noble NOOK Now Available in UK

I guess Barnes and Noble has finally figured out that there are other potential markets for its Nook ereader. Sure, I suppose it makes sense that they started with the United States market, as that’s their home territory, but what about the other bazillion people on Planet Earth? Well, some good news on that front: Nook is now available in the UK!

That also means that Nook books, of course, are available in the UK, and since I make my living on your kind indulgence of your reading habit, I want to make sure you grab copies of mine! Since it looks to me like the Barnes and Noble UK site isn’t much better than the US one (which, I hate to say, is probably the biggest downside to buying from them – they really need to improve their online store), I wanted to give you a direct link to my UK Nook books.

And remember: three of those books – First Contact, Empire, and Season Of The Harvest – are free, so if you haven’t read any of my stuff before, give those a try so I can have a chance to get you hooked!

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3 comments on “Barnes and Noble NOOK Now Available in UK
  1. Virginia Baeyens says:

    “Garry Owen, sir,” the major said, saluting.

  2. bookwoorm says:

    Nook ereaders have been slashed to £29 apparently its been all over the net today.. Barnes and Noble must be trying to get the things out there as quickly as possible.

    • WOW! Well, that’s good news for consumers – I just hope that Barnes and Noble can keep from sinking into bankruptcy (hopefully Microsoft can at least bail out the Nook division)…

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