December Giveaway: Autographed Redemption Trilogy Set

To help celebrate the holidays and the coming New Year, I decided to run another little giveaway for my fans! The prize this time is a complete set of the Redemption Trilogy books – Empire, Confederation, and Final Battle – autographed and with a personal dedication to the winner. While I can’t say that it’s worth anything other than the cover value of the books themselves, there are very, very few of these sets out there (maybe only two or three), so I hope this will be a bit of a treat for the winner!


This contest is also going to be a bit different, as it’s going to be for points, rather than a random drawing. There are multiple ways to score points, like joining the newsletter (note: even if you’re already a subscriber, just sign up on the contest page again if it allows it, as that list is separate from the “real” list), sharing the contest info with your friends, or retweeting. It’s all in a few button clicks and takes no time at all.

So toss your hat in the ring and head on over to the Giveaways Page to enter! Good luck!

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