You Don’t Need A Kindle – Get A Free Kindle App

All of my books are available for the Amazon Kindle, but one thing that sometimes holds folks back is that they don’t own one.

My friend, if you have a smart phone or computer, you can get all the books you want from the Kindle store (which usually means you can get some great deals) by using a free Kindle reader app!

Amazon has free Kindle reader apps for a wide variety of gadgets, including iPhones and iPads (which is what I use these days), PCs and Macs, Android, Blackberry, and tablets.

So, if you want to check out some of the bazillion books that are available for Kindle but don’t want to buy the actual Kindle device, check out these apps and see if they’ll do the trick for you.

P.S. Of course, you want to get some free books right away, don’t you? Why not check out two of my bestsellers (free)?

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