My Take On Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

One of my favorite movie series is Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise. The original movie, Alien, was one of the only two movies that ever really gave me the willies. The other was the original version of The Blob, which gave me nightmares for days when I saw it as a kid. Alien did the same for me later on, when I was in high school. And I loved the other Alien movies, with the exception of the third one.

In Prometheus, Scott has created a masterpiece in terms of stunning visual effects. Beyond that, I have to confess I had mixed feelings. The story line was interesting, and I didn’t have much trouble following it (some folks have complained about the plot, and it is a bit uneven). The acting was good, although some of the characterizations were…questionable. One that stood out in a good way was the character David, who was probably the most intriguing of the bunch. The only one that I really didn’t care for was the elderly man who clearly was just a younger man in makeup. I found those scenes rather jarring, when set against the visual opulence of the rest of the film. Why not just find an older actor who really looks the part?

There were two other things that I really didn’t care for. One was that the core question of the story (no spoilers, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out when you see it) wasn’t answered, although that leaves the door open for a sequel, which is fine by me. The other is that there were too many different, um, variations, shall we say, on the alien theme. It’s sort of hard to describe without spoiling it, but Scott might have been better off following the maxim from The Highlander, “There can be only one!”

Despite those little qualms, I quite enjoyed the movie, and would definitely recommend that you go see it if you enjoy science fiction or general doomsday mayhem. I’d just recommend that you recalibrate your expectations slightly, as this isn’t quite on par with the first two Alien movies (which I consider the best of the lot).


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6 thoughts on “My Take On Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS

  • Sarah RH

    Thank you!! I’ve read/talked to some others about the movie & was curious as to your thoughts (which are pretty much on par with everything I’ve read/heard). I’ll still definately go see it in the big screen especially with the short bits I’ve seen in the trailers. And I agree – the first two Alien movies were the best!

  • Crystal Lee

    I had mixed feelings too. I wrote a review as well, only I was a little less kind to the film. Even after reading some theories online on what the movie was about, I still find it upsetting that they raised so many questions and barely answered any of them.

    I definitely agree though that the visuals were stunning. Even the opening scene as it sweeps across the landscape is breathtaking.

    Thanks for your review. I’ve been reading other peoples opinions online to see if I’m not the only one that found it frustrating. 😀

  • Roland Beaumont

    Thanks for not spoiling the film by giving it away. Your comments are much in line with others who have seen it, I was tempted to go to the flicks, but will wait for the BR release, as the time investment doesnt sound as though it will match to my expectations…..

  • Tj

    I agree with everything you wrote. I could go on for hours about the problems with this film, and since seeing it, cumulatively I think I have.

    It really frustrates me because it should have been an epic movie. The combination of the visual effects, the director, the budget, the actors, and the Alien universe are all toys any filmmaker would love in their sandbox.

    I don’t need every little question answered during the course of a film, but explaining things that are central to the plot is kind of crucial. Prometheus should be great on its own. It shouldn’t be dependent on a sequel.

  • Maegan

    The first 2 Alien movies are some of my favorites as well. I grew up watching them. I agree with your thoughts on Prometheus. The movie’s writing wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, but it looked amazing, and David was by far the most interesting character. I hope they do make sequels. I’d go see them.

  • Shannon

    I found I was incredibly disappointed in this movie. It had great effects and it sure seemed like it *should* become an epic sci-fi of 2012. But some how it just fell flat. I didn’t even find it scary. It just seemed like it was almost … something. Yet it just didn’t quite make it there.