The Movie BATTLESHIP – Go Navy!

When I write a review, I just like to tell people if I think they should see something or not, and why. And I loved Battleship!

If you enjoy movies like Transformers, you’ll like Battleship. It’s a massive exploding can of whoop-a$$ that sets realism aside (note that this is NOT 2001: A Space Odyssey, Sphere, etc., so if you’re looking for “realistic” science fiction, you need to recalibrate your expectations) for special-effects and non-stop action once the bad guys show up.

It’s also a nice homage to veterans past and present that has some very touching scenes, and is probably the best recruiting tool the U.S. Navy has ever had. I’m from a two generation Navy family, although I went Army myself. But heck: GO NAVY! And there’s just something about warships – and the men and women who crew them – that’s amazingly awesome.

So, two thumbs up from me, and this will be a definite add to our Blu-Ray collection!


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