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As you may know if you’ve read my posts for a while, my wife Jan and I have run a few half-marathons. We don’t consider ourselves “runners,” but just really enjoy the experience.

Our last one was in September 2011 at Virginia Beach, when Jan’s knees sort of fell apart on her (I did a post on that here). After that, we’ve done very little running, and very little exercise of any kind.

It’s really easy to fall off the wagon, isn’t it? And it can happen with anything: a passion you have, a hobby, a job, even relationships.

So, we’ve sort of been hibernating fitness-wise most of the winter. Some of that was because legitimate reasons, some of it was just not bloody feeling like doing anything about it.

But the other day we were out on the Baltimore-Annapolis trail near where we live, volunteering at a water station for a marathon being run on the trail, and that’s where Jan and I both got some inspiration to get our butts back in gear and get moving again. While we wouldn’t have run in that particular race (it’s a bit cold for us, yet!), watching those men and women out there made us want to get back into it again. In short, those people inspired us.

There were young folks, including a number of cadets from the Naval Academy, up through some folks older than my parents, chugging right along through 26.2 miles.

Now, the only full marathon I ever plan to enter is the Marine Corps Marathon, as 26.2 miles is just a bit too far to contemplate. But I’m up for 13.1, a half marathon, which was described once as “half the distance, twice the fun.” And you know, it’s really true!

But the key is, get inspired! If you feel like you’re just sort of settling into the blahs about something, whatever it may be, consciously look around for something to do, see, or get involved in that will inspire you and rekindle your passion. Don’t just give it up or let what you enjoy become a chore!

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3 thoughts on “Get Inspired

  • Mary Kathryn Johnson

    Good for you, Michael! Yes, we all get complacent about something we previously considered vital, and sometimes our directions change. I hope Jan doesn’t totally blow out her knees by continuing to run, but I know the pull of the rhythm and pace running provides. We gotta watch the knees, though (myself included) otherwise, knee replacement becomes our only option. Hopefully not until I’m 70???

    Good luck, and can’t wait to read about your progress!

  • Steven Montano

    It can be tough to find motivation, especially after you’re forced to take a break from something you love. I started running seriously a few months ago and LOVE it, but a couple of weeks ago my silly calf muscles started *really* killing me. We’re talking serious pain. I took it easy, did the proper stretches and exercises, worked them back up to shape to start running again…and then promptly came down with a nasty summer cold. No running for me, still!

    In the past, I’d have let myself get complacent at this point, but now now. I’m chomping at the bit to get back out there. The key for me is remembering how much I enjoyed *not* sitting around, and how much better I felt. Sometimes a jolt of memory is all it takes to drag us out of the blahs. =D

    Great post, Mike, and good luck to you both!

  • Hadas Moosazadeh

    Sometimes you love something enough up to you don’t think of any difficulty and obstacle in the way. My good friend went sailing with the yacht when he don’t know even swim. You know! Sometimes motivation can causing you to forget the means!