Did You Know?

I think this is something that everyone should see, particularly those with children. I blog periodically about what it means – and takes – to be successful as an author, but those same principles extend to just about any endeavor, including life in general.

But this is simply fascinating, and is even more motivation for my wife and I to prepare ourselves and our children to be successful.


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2 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  • Angela McConnell

    This is wonderful! I can’t watch it without tears coming to my eyes…I know that’s cheesy, but when I imagine what life may be like for my little two-year-old…I hold a lot of optimism for the future. I often joke with my friends that I’ll have her learning Adobe Creative Suite when she’s five or six. At least they think I’m joking. I’m just thinking of the real-life skills she’ll need to make her way successfully in the world.

    Exponential times, indeed. It’s exciting to watch as exponential growth mushrooms throughout various industries…especially, of course, publishing. 🙂